terça-feira, 26 de agosto de 2008

Tomorrow my good only tomorrow

You smile different e spoke on me it joined the soul of people e smiles on us It was stops backwards all our youth our wills if had been it fell on the heads of those the dust of our separation of that they dreamed of our defeat e, without one why they murmured solitude. It will be that one day goes to know everything that I passed to say you but to say you I love you? E now, that already I do not have you 24 hours with me as I go to know if it knew of this? As I go to know if in tomorrow the people will know that love I them excessively? If I not to say if to permacer with this craze coward to say everything tomorrow from fear of the fear of being happy Then my good it knows I love that you more than what the moon loves the sun it knows I love that you beyond the love of romeu and julieta e beyond the love of the doves. I know that This coated human being of feelings it loves it. Tomorrow you wake up with a phone call mine ' good day love. I bound to say I love you you, today more than what yesterday and less of what amanhã' ' Tomorrow my good only tomorrow, still I am that being coward who knew.

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